Thursday, July 3, 2008

A few more pictures taken of our fire-fighting heroes and their equipment. We are so thankful for all their hard work!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One fire fighting division is working out of Inlow at this time. They arrive at campus about 8:00 each morning and work until 6-7 each evening. After arriving, they head out in all directions in small groups. Every once in a while, you can see a group of yellow shirts walking through the forest. The most common places we see them are behind the RV park, behind Chapel, and heading up past the shooting range. More of these pictures will come soon.

Inlow Campus following the fire

Aspen Cabin - point protection crews removed some brush around the cabin.

There is now a bulldozer line and backburn just behind Chapel.

Manager's house - firewood stacks were spread out throughout the front yard and fuel cans were moved from beside the house to the sidewalk. Sprinklers were left on continuously. As we were involved in evacuating the campers, we didn't get a chance to do any work preparing our house or packing personal items. A fire crew member was kind enough to close our windows so that the smoke damage was minimal.

The back burn is evident just behind the shop and Chapel. Inlow Lodge sustained no damage and remains the oldest building on the property.

This is the Inlow sign just inside the white gate. the fire did cross this fence line, but only burned about 25 yards inside the property.

Inlow's new gate operators and keypads still work and remain undamaged.

The land between the green and white gates was burned. This property Forest Service land under easement for road access to Inlow.

A large rock removed during the road improvements of 2007 remains unscorched. It's located on the outside of the second hairpin turn after entering the lower gate coming to Inlow.

As Ron followed the escort into Inlow on June 27, many fire vehicles could be seen spread thoughout the forest.

Damage along Forest Rd 55

These photos are along Forest Rd 55 before entering the lower Inlow gate. Andy Donalson, Inlow Board of Directors President, stated "it felt like driving through a black and white photograph until we saw Inlow."

Escorted to camp

Chairman of the Inlow Board of Directors Andy Donalson, Camp Manager Ron Samp, Pastor of X Factor in Albuquerque Luke McKinnon, and member of First Baptist Moriarty Scott Faucett, were escorted into camp on June 27 to load some critical items left by campers, such as medication.

Camp Wilbegoway Evacuation

Following a lightning storm June 23, the Big Spring fire was first spotted by LookOut around 8:00 am on Tuesday, June 24. As Forest Service personnel searched for the location of the struck tree, it fell, igniting the wildfire approximately 1/2 mile from the Inlow property. Camp managers, Ron and Sandy Samp, stayed in close contact with the Mountainaire Ranger District and held a precautionary leaders meeting at 10:30. Some things discussed were: the warning siren to be used, an on-campus meeting location, procedures to follow, off-campus meeting location, and getting all churches home safely from the final meeting place. God provided peace and wisdom as all adults attending camp followed directions perfectly and each of the 135 people on the Inlow Campus were safely transported to Estancia High School and then allowed to travel home.